The Directorate of Strategic Contacts, Ethics and Publications University of Nigeria is an autonomous Unit within the Office of the Vice Chancellor.  It was established under the Administration of  Prof. Benjamin Chukwuma Ozumba(2014-2019),the 14th Vice Chancellor, to underscore and achieve the goals and objectives of our Founding Fathers core values.The Directorate of Strategic Contacts, Ethics and Publications was the first full-fledged autonomous Directorate in the University saddled with the responsibility of educating, training and sensitizing students, staff and the general public about the fundamental values, ethics in higher education and attitudinal norms that lead them  to exhibit  the exemplary ethical conduct and right character expected of them in their day-to-day relationships and encounters in the university community. Founding Fathers,  represented by the iconic Great Zik of Africa, the Right Honourable Dr. Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe, who blessed and bestowed upon us the banner and heritage of an ethical university from the start, gave us the motto of the university which is to “restore the dignity of man”. And these founding fathers’ core values go to prove and demonstrate that the human restoration vision is a fundamental ethical mandate meant to transform the environment of our University into an ethical space where every stakeholder will “ for the right reason of truth, do the right thing, at the right time, in a right way, with the right people, in their areas of purpose and functionality, to help achieve the strategic goals and objectives of University education for a better world”. We make sure that members of the university community are imbued ethically and morally with the right skills, through training,with the right mindset and attitudes to see, respect and treat every member of the the university community as brothers and sisters under one God and the  same human race.