The Directorate of Strategic Contacts, Ethics and Publications, Office of the Vice-Chancellor (STRACEP) is saddled with the responsibility of educating, training and sensitizing students, staff and even the general public about the ethical conduct and moral behavior expected of them through training, orientation and facilitation anchored around the core values of the University’s Founding Fathers to achieve the noble motto of the University f Nigeria: to restore the dignity of man.

The goal of every university is to develop, train and produce high net-worth and value-based human capital that will drive national growth and achieve the objectives of sustainable development in every country and help to transform the world into a better place as global citizens in character, attitudes and mindsets. Our ethics creates global leaders and citizens who create a better world and better nations. It is an opportunity to build an ethical laboratory in the different areas of the University for all stakeholders, standing on the moral powers of moral and academic excellence, to learn to do the right thing, the right way, at the right time and with the right people. The stakeholders must learn and re-learn human values and practice fairness to all in the system. People must be given the opportunity to be heard, to be seen, to participate, to enjoy peace, to respect and be respected, to enjoy the reward of their handwork and intelligence, and to practice non-violence in their thoughts, speeches and actions towards others in the context of the cultural and racial diversity of the humanity community within the University.To achieve the Founding Fathers core values we focus our strategic programs on these areas;

  • Assist the University Administration and community to design and implement faithfully an ethical policy that will become the stream that follows into the University code of ethics and conduct in bench-marking professional behavior within and outside the University;
  • Organize and facilitate Ethical Leadership Training and Retreats;
  • Ethical awareness, education, orientation and reorientation
  • Ethical transformation of staff (academics and non academics) and students ( undergraduate, post graduate and sandwich) and our Alumni globally;
  • Ethical Leadership Training of the public and private sector of the Nigeria Economy through our flagship Ethical Leadership Training Institute.
  • Establish a Research Fellows/Partnership Program for men and women of Integrity, excellence and achievement who have excelled ethically and innovatively in their professional areas of private and public service delivery
  • Work with the Faculties/Departments/Schools/Institutes/Centres to design and produce Professional codes of ethics and conduct fr training of Undergraduates, Postgraduates, post-doctoral, sandwich and Alumni of the University for later professional excellence in life.